Wynter #1(New World Comics)


Rating: 4/5 – It’s the future and NO ONE is special any more.
by ComicSpectrum EiC Bob Bretall.

This is a sci-fi story of a future where the human race has expanded across the stars and there are so many humans on so many planets that all possible permutations of DNA are out there someplace, actually they are all out there in multiple places.  Protagonist Liz Wynter knows that every single day 3 people are born somewhere with her exact DNA combination, so how can she feel “special”?

Writer Guy Hasson has come up with this very cool twist on the standard sci-fi futurist tale, I’ve not seen this particular premise before.  He throws in some additional future-tropes like everyone being hooked up to the net using cranial implants so that people can be constantly on-line and sharing apps and information.  It’s taking today’s reality of almost everyone with their nose buried in their smart phone or tablet all day to the logical endgame.  We’ve seen this before, but coupled with the DNA replication and the political flavor added to the story by the ‘subversive app’ that asserts that people CAN change things, we’ve got the makings of a very cool story.  Just an aside, but I do wish Hasson didn’t use “Forn” as a sci-fi version of the other F-word.  Battlestar Galactica got away with it in its use of Frak, but they were on TV.  I really don’t need to see made-up cuss words in a comic that has other mature elements, it just feels out of place.

The art by Aron Elekes is pretty special too.  A painted look that’s soft around the edges and gives the entire book a very nice atmosphere.  Elkes has some very creative page and panel layouts with figures bleeding from one panel to another in spots and adding a very visually appealing element to the story flow.  I like the story, the lead character, and the art.  3 for 3 and that means it’s a recommended buy.

Right now, this digital comic is only available on the iPad.  New World Comics has launched their own app to host their digital comics instead of going with digital leader Comixology.  You can get their app here:
The app should be available on the iPhone in April, then Android a bit later, and finally on the web (via browser).  That means right now you need an iPad to be able to experience this comic, but in 6 months time it should be widely available and a purchase on any one platform will have the comic available on them all.

Reviewed by: Bob Bretall
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