GoGetters #1 (Monkeybrain Comics/Comixology)


Rating: 4/5 – A Woman and a Gorilla Team-Up for Silly Adventures.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Ian Gowan.

A young gorgeous woman named Maya Diaz and her partner, a white gorilla named George Harrison, easily save three men from thugs in a Colombian jungle. The GoGetters Retrieval company are a do anything team who will save people or get back a stolen valuable item. If ridiculously funny comic book stories aren’t your faire then please move on.  If it sounds like fun, you can find it here:

What is it about gorillas in comic books that make them so popular? Are the gorillas just a manifestation of the a big hunk with his oversized muscles and simple intelligence. There’s a long tradition of gorillas going back to the Silver Age of comics. Gorillas were often used as an over the top way to sell comics in the wacky days of the Silver Age.

Shawn Aldridge is a new comic book writer to me and one I will now watch out for in other comic titles. His creative use of dialogue and comedy is refreshing. It’s also of note that Aldridge is the letterer of this comic. Writers who letter their own comic books do add a little something extra to the whole comic book package. This comic doesn’t take itself very seriously at all. At the end of their first mission the partners stop for a fruit smoothie break on hood of their red dune buggy.

Artist Chris Peterson illustrates all this wackiness seemingly with ease. He has to go from a jungle, to a town, and then to a desert, and with numerous characters. A nod to colorist Nick Johnson is deserved as the colors do add a lot of style and mood to this comic. At times the art is a little unfinished. Some of the panels are perfect but some could be a little tighter in places. This is one of the potential follies with comic book art created digitally. It can be created quickly but that doesn’t mean that it should. Although this may not be created digitally it does appear that way to me in this comic. This is a number one comic and I’m confident the art will be getting better with each issue.

I can’t help but notice the similarities of this comic with the series Tank Girl. It’s not so close to be a copy, but more of an artful homage. There’s a crazy woman Maya (Tank Girl), and her animal friend George Harrison (Booga) in a unique red dune buggy (the tank). There’s also a little of Art Adams’ Monkeyman and O’Brien but this more of just an inspiration than anything more direct. These are the best kind of comparisons to have with well regarded comics such as Tank Girl and Monkeyman.

This digital comic is worth your time simply because it will make you laugh. We don’t get enough genuine humor in our comics anymore like we did with a lot of Silver Age comics. Maya Diaz and the Gorilla George Harrison will take you on an adventure that you won’t soon forget. Another bonus is that this comic is only 99 cents through publisher Monkeybrain and digital comics provider Comixology. I love Monkeybrain comics because they understand that digital comics, especially independent comics, should be have a low barrier to entry.

Reviewed by: Ian Gowan
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