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Orcs! #1 (The Larsen Project/Comixology)

Rating: 4/5 – Laugh Out Loud Dialogue and an Epic Squirrel Fight! by ComicSpectrum EiC Bob Bretall I’m a sucker for fantasy comics, both serious and humorous.  Orcs! falls firmly into the humorous category and creator/writer/artist Christine Larsen has a … Continue reading

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Head Lopper #1 (Andrew R MacLean/Comixology)

Rating: 4/5 – Heads Are Indeed Lopped Off, But That’s Not All! by ComicSpectrum EiC Bob Bretall. Comixology is making it easier for self-published works like this to get to readers via their Submit program that is free to the … Continue reading

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Grove Nymph #1 of 3 (Comixology – Fairie Folkways Comics)

Rating: 4/5 – Strong recommendation for this mythical tale http://www.comixology.com/The-Grove-Nymph/comics-series/10581 There is much in the comic book world that is comforting and familiar but it is so enjoyable when you stumble across something that you cannot easily file away into … Continue reading

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