The Kings of the Wasteland #1 (Hound Comics)

KIngs of Wasteland

CREDIT: Hound Comics

Rating: 3/5 – Anthropomorphic Animals in an Apocalyptic Atmosphere.
by ComicSpectrum senior reviewer Shawn Hoklas.

The Kings of the Wasteland is written, penciled and inked by Delbert Hewitt Jr. It follows the story about an anthropomorphic dog named Jacob, who’s on a mission to have his revenge on the one he holds responsible for the death of his family. I was pleasantly surprised reading this first issue as you can see the potential talent from Hewitt Jr., even though some of the themes involved have been seen plenty of times before. The first issue can be found at or and is a solid premiere, despite having some opportunities for improvement.

On art, Hewitt Jr. has a great handle on the main character Jacob. His animations are smooth in both the storytelling and the action scenes, and the closeups are especially strong. Hewitt Jr. uses some creative panels to tell the story, whether it’s Jacobs snout sticking out from underneath his hood to sniff out a stalker, or some solid sequentials when it comes to a lengthy action scene. The lettering could have been better throughout though as the font is extremely generic and similar, which gives all the characters the same “voice”. Not only that, but some of the sound effects use the same font as the dialogue, which feels cheap in its production quality.

The story is set in an apocalyptic future where animals have gained the ability to speak, use tools and interact with one another after a referenced explosion that we still don’t know much about. The animals have increased their size to that of humans, so picture Ninja Turtles as a reference. Jacob is on the prowl for Hunter the Tiger, a “King of the Wasteland” who Jacob feels is responsible for the deaths of his family mentioned above. It’s pretty straight forward and although I did feel a connection to Jacob, the supporting cast don’t feel as fleshed out. Despite its issues, Kings of the Wasteland is a decent first issue from a new talent, and that is always fun to see.

Reviewed by: Shawn Hoklas
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