The Agency #1 (Alterna Comics/Comixology)

The Agency1
CREDIT: Alterna Comics

Rating: 3/5 – A Government “Agency” Preventing the Misuse of Magic.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Shawn Hoklas.

The Agency number one, a digital comic released by Comixology is a new series that follows a government sponsored group of mages as they protect the world from those that seek to use magic for more nefarious purposes. It’s an interesting take on the world of magic as the creative team involved is clearly positioning this as a team book with a large, but manageable group of characters introduced in this first issue, available here:

As the issue opens, we see the I.A.M. (International Agency of Magic) intercepting an assassination attempt on a dignitary in Las Vegas. As this first action scene plays out we see the main characters for the first time. It’s a nicely paced opener that highlights some of the team’s powers and abilities. From there, the mysteries become a bit deeper and we’re also introduced to a younger kid who looks as though he’ll play a larger role in the series and looks as though he’ll be the character we relate to as we journey through this world. The story flows nicely in this first issue, but the dialogue and scripting at times miss the mark. The characters feel too formal in their conversations which made them seem less real. Writers Ruben and Bethany Romero, and Roger Cabrera have put together a solid story, so I’m hoping with time they’re able to make the characters dialogue seem more natural.

Eric Koda’s art is strong in his character work and action scenes, but his backgrounds could use more detail. When we first see the villains in this issue, their designs truly stand out and I’m looking forward to seeing more of them. That being said, only one of the Agency’s characters is in costume so hopefully he’ll extend that creative design sense to both sides. In regards to the backgrounds, everything feels a bit too clean and sterile. Much like the writing, hopefully over time we’ll start to see Koda’s art develop further so he can make the world around these characters more believable.

The Agency is a solid debut for this series and this new creative team. Although the writing and art didn’t blow me away in this first issue, there’s a promise of emerging talent with a solid and well paced opening issue.  If you’re a fan of new worlds being built up over the course of a series this is worth checking out.

Reviewed by: Shawn Hoklas
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