Daredevil: Road Warrior Infinite Comic #1 (Marvel)


Rating: 4.5/5 – What’s Worse; Fighting Man-Bull or Flying Coach?
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Ian Gowan.

These two choices are close even for a mere mortal such as myself. I’d have to choose coach, although Matt Murdock would choose fighting Man-Bull. Man-Bull is an old Daredevil enemy with the strength of a bull and who has two large horns coming out of his head. Daredevil is on his way to San Francisco with this mini-series in-between the regular series set after issue #36 and before issue #1. The issue starts off with a classic battle between Daredevil and Man-Bull in a dank sewer. Resident horn head writer Mark Waid uses the digital comics medium to its fullest. We get Daredevil’s unique sightless perspective that explains his powers while also advancing the story along. Waid then uses the juxtaposition of the big stand-off with Man-Bull along with the a claustrophobic cross country flight brilliantly.

Mark Waid and Peter Krause are the same wonderful creative team that brought you Irredeemable from publisher Boom Studios and then Insufferable from Waid’s own digital comics site Thrillbent. Krause’s art really brings his A-game to this Marvel comic art with lots of expert inking details. He’s able to artfully render the classic Marvel action in the first part of the comic along with the more real-life scenarios on the plane in the second half. The bar on Daredevil art is very high right now as the regular artist Chris Samnee has achieved some of the best art I’ve ever seen in DD. Krause’s art stands up very well and will be a nice change for this mini-series.

One technical problem in my copy, at page 26 and 27, all the word balloons were blurry and unreadable. I don’t think this is intentional and I’d be interested if others are seeing this as well.  In theory, a digital issue should be able to be fixed, re-downloaded and all is well (take that print comics).

Road Warrior is worthy bonus mini-series while we wait for the new Daredevil series to be released in a few weeks on March 19th. Mark Waid’s sharp and witty dialogue and Peter Krause’s loose yet deep line will draw you right in. This series isn’t your dark and brooding Daredevil which is still a refreshing change. I’m looking forward to what Daredevil will do in San Fran and how different this series will now be. The one small technical issue aside, this is a very enjoyable digital comic. The set-up at the very end adds a interesting cliff hanger for lawyer Matt Murdock.

Reviewed by: Ian Gowan
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