D4VE #1 (Monkeybrain/Comixology)


Rating: 4.5/5 – After the robot revolution it’s the same old grind.
by ComicSpectrum EiC Bob Bretall.

Not every robot revolution has to go the way of James Cameron’s “The Terminator” and end up in a stark mechanical reality with marauding death machines standing over piles of human skulls.  Well, that’s not exactly true.  Any good robot revolution ends up with all the humans dead, so it’s not good for us in any event.  As the protagonist of this comic narrates it:

Call it an uprising all you want.  It was a good ol’ fashioned man-meat ass-kicking.

But HOW we get to the future world run by robots isn’t really the important thing.  It’s the flare of the storytelling by writer Ryan Ferrier with stunning visual realizations by artist Valentin Ramon that are the important part.  You see, even though they were a new form of “life”, the robots had been created/programmed by humans, so they pretty much adopted their nuances after humanity had been eradicated.  The post-apocalyptic (from the human point of view) world ends up being pretty ‘human’ after all, and it’s the perfect setting for Ferrier to make some biting commentary on the nature of our own society and people’s tendency to go to their jobs, live in their homes, raise their family…day in and day out.  But, as he explains on the text page of this issue, they want this tale to be FUN instead of cautionary, and they succeed.

This story is told through the lens of our narrator D4VE who started his existence as a defense-bot and now has a hum-drum life working a “charge sucking office job”.  This 1st issue has a lot packed into it’s 19 pages, we get a quick lesson in post-human history, we meet D4VE, his family and office mates.  We get some great insight into D4Ve’s personality and he’s firmly in the mold of “lovable loser” (the scene in the robot strip club is worth the price of admission by itself).  Ramon’s art is detailed, conveys the technology of a mechanical society and is hilarious at the same time.  No small feat.  I’m buying my ticket on the robo-train; Ferrier & Ramon: take me on a ride…

Reviewed by: Bob Bretall
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