The Trouble With Katie Rogers Preview (Madefire)


Rating: 4/5 – Sassy, sexy, stylish; about as far from super-heroes as you can get.
by ComicSpectrum EiC Bob Bretall.

If you ever want a change from the standard super-hero far that dominate the comics industry there are a LOT of indie books to choose from in many genres.  Des Taylor’s The Trouble With Katie Rogers is one of the most different I’ve run across.  Original to the Madefire platofrm that combines motion, sound effects, and music with the standard comics experience, Katie is a New York publicist and her story combines fashion, media publicity and romance (her own love life).

Katie is very sexy, but not in the standard comic book cheescake fashion with giant breasts straining against spandex and an improbable thong down below.  She wears designer clothes and is drawn like a real woman, albeit a fashionable NYC fashionista version of reality, which is somewhere right in between what actual real people look like and the over-developed physical reality of many super-hero comics.  Let’s say she looks like someone who’d fit right in on the CW network (think the ‘Arrow’ TV show).

The preview issue is free and works very effectively at introducing the reader to Katie’s world.  We get some introductory text along with pictures of all the key players in the cast, we see Katie at work, publicizing a pop art show and interacting with some co-workers.  Her 1st meeting and verbal sparring with Jesse Gordon had a lot of chemistry to it and I can see this developing into much more over the course of the series.

The preview is short at 7 pages, but reading it in the motion format made it really seem like more than 7 pages, in a good way.  The motion experience seems to be an integral part to the storytelling for this series, it really enhances the episode as it plays out.  But it’s the underlying story that will make or break this, not the delivery medium, and fortunately for Katie Rogers, she has a solid underpinning that should help her story play out over many episodes to come.  The episode is available both in your browser and on the Madefire App for your mobile device or tablet.  I read this in the browser on my PC as well as on my iPad.  Personally I think the iPad experience was superior, but whatever platform you have or prefer, I’d recommend checking out Katie Rogers if you’re looking for a refreshing change of pace in your comics reading diet.

Reviewed by: Bob Bretall
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