I, Frankenstein: Genesis (Darkstorm Comics)


Rating: 3.5/5 – Horrific Tales of Gargoyles vs. Demons and Frankenstein Too.

FREE AT: http://www.comixology.com/I-Frankenstein-Genesis-1/digital-comic/51773

This free digital comic uses an interweaving anthology format in order to tell the prequel story to the upcoming “I, Frankenstein” movie. An anthology was an interesting choice for a prequel comic albeit a bit confusing. Although this is a fun comic with its ongoing battle between the gargoyles and the demons. The Frankenstein monster, named Adam, seems to be caught in the middle somewhere although we aren’t entirely sure why yet. The entire comic is written by Kevin Grevioux who sold his “I, Frankenstein” comic book story to Lionsgate for an adaptation to film. Grevioux has previously written the comic mini-series “Adam: Legend of Blue Marvel” for Marvel which was a decent superhero comic.

The framing sequence to this whole anthology and “Naberius” are my two favorite parts of the comic. “Naberius” is tale of a demon named Naberius who’s in need of a new body to posses. He may find it the form of Charles, a rebellious Knights Templar.  I really enjoyed the art by Roberto Castro who rendered horrific demons and brutish gargoyles. The art by Edu Menna in “Lenore” was also impressive with excellent action sequences. The art is nice but I’m not yet sure how the characters all fit together in a coherent story. That may be the point since it’s a prequel and the writer doesn’t want to give too much away without us seeing the film first. It would be nice if the comic could stand more on its own.

The comic has accomplished its goal of piquing my interest in the movie that will be released in January 2014. This monster story is similar to the “Underworld” series also written by Kevin Grevioux and produced by Lakeshore Entertainment. Lakeshore is also producing this “I Frankenstien” film starring Aaron Eckhart. The Underworld movies were fun to watch but a bit like watching the movie sequence inside a video game. You watch it but it’s mostly about getting to the part with vampires fighting werewolves. It’s like a type of cinematic version of Capcom’s Street Fighter with multi-million dollar special effects. After watching the preview for this new film I suspect that will be case here too. All that being said, I still recommend you read the digital comic prequel since it’s free and is 84 pages long. It’s hard to beat that much entertainment for your digital comic dollar in today’s environment. Skip the motion comic on the film’s web site and go straight to the digital comic on Comixology.

Reviewed by: Ian Gowan – ian@comicspectrum.com
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