Tall Tales From The Badlands #3 (Black Jack Press)



Rating: 3/5 – Mixed tales from the Weird West.

Anthologies are always an iffy proposition, some stories will be in my wheelhouse and others not.  The 1st 2 issues had more straight western tales, albeit with a Twilight Zone type of twist ending.  This issue had more of a supernatural twist than the previous 2 issues, and in that it fell a bit more outside the straight western genre into the realm of the “weird west” with zombies, ghosts, and cannibals inhabiting the old west in stories that would have felt at home in any of the mystery tale type of anthologies of the past.

One thing I’ll give Black Jack is that they are going out of their way to provide value for your dollar.  Issue #1 has 50 pages of story, #2 has 37 pages, and #3 has  50 pages, for $1.99 each in digital.

I must say that I personally prefer the “straight” western tales that don’t cross into the overt supernatural.  In that respect, the 3rd issue was a bit of a step down from the previous two for me (though the supernatural aspect may make this more appealing to someone else).  On the other hand, the art has been improving with each issue, #3 sporting the best mix of art overall of the 3 issues published so far.  If you’re a fan of westerns give Tall Tales from the Badlands a try.  You can check out some sample art & story pages on the Black Jack Press Facebook page, so go see for yourself if this looks like something you’d enjoy.

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