Eplis – Segment 01

Eplis cover Resized high res

Rating: 4/5 – A Wonderful All Ages Romp.

Sometimes great things happen by accident. I recently attended Rhode Island Comic Con  and was pleasantly surprised by the number of independent creators. One of the creators that caught my attention was artist Emily Drouin promoting her self-published comic Eplis.

Eplis is not a quick overnight story. Emily and her husband Jeremy co-write the series with Emily working on the art. Inspired by watching Star Trek, Star Wars, and Dr. Who, they’ve been collaborating and developing the story for the past couple years.

Eplis is an all ages, sci-fi action adventure graphic novel comic book series. The first issue in the series, Eplis Segment 01, came out in August 2013, with Segment 02 planned for early spring 2014. They have the story for the next 4 issues and plan on having more in the series.

The first thing that struck me when picking up Eplis was the print quality.  The pages are bright and vibrant and most importantly the staples are solid. The printer Hippo-prints did an amazing job.  That said, it’s available in print locally at shops in New England as well as being orderable in print from the web-site, but it’s probably easiest to get your hands on it in digital format from iTunes/iBooks, Barnes and Noble Kindle, Kobo, and Graphicly.


The story itself is fun, lively, and exciting. I could see many children getting into the story and losing themselves in the characters. I especially liked the character of Fleur the pilot and engineer of the ship. She is used effectively to keep story momentum flowing forward at a breakneck pace.

I gave my copy of Eplis to a friend’s five year old daughter and she just tore through the book. She loved the bright coloring and even asked her father to pretend to be one of the alien characters.

To be fair, this book is not for everyone. If you are into the dark and gritty or the super serious existential comic, Eplis is probably not for you. However, if you can appreciate all ages comics and enjoy light hearted frivolity, Eplis is a truly great read.

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