Holidaze #3 (Dandy Press)


Rating: 2.5/5 – Needs less psychiatry, more bar scenes.


The high concept for this series is that the embodiments of various holidays get together at the bar Holidaze, knock back a few, and merriment ensues.  Here is the pitch of that concept from the web-site:

We all remember those fantastic, magical beings that made childhood so much fun. What would the holidays have been without the iconic figures and the light they used to bring into every young person’s life?

Well, don’t worry. They’re still kicking…and kicking back.
Take a peek at the lascivious side of being a mythical icon of childhood. Pay a visit to Holidaze – the only inter-dimensional bar catering to the likes of those iconic symbols that keep the holiday magic alive. Tip a glass with St. Patty; take a pass at The Tooth Fairy; gossip with Cupid; share neuroses with Dracula. Revisit your favorite childhood memories with a new, adult perspective – head to Holidaze, where everyone knows your name.

That sounds really cool.  Unfortunately issue #3 didn’t fully deliver on this for me.

Writer Dave Dellecese has chosen Dracula as the iconic figure for Halloween.  Santa and the Easter Bunny are pretty standardly accepted icons for their respective holidays, but Dracula is kind of a judgment call for Halloween.  I’ll give this one to Dellecese for now, he really seems to have wanted to riff on vampires this issue and choosing Dracula for Halloween has allowed him to do this.

We get some nice moments from it, particularly the 4 splash-page sequence of Drac walking by a succession of vampire-themed stuff while getting more and more depressed, as well as the full-page walk through decades of vampire cinema.  But these nice moments were counter-balanced by things that really didn’t work for me chiefly Dracula’s psychiatric sessions with the headless horseman (?) and his “daddy issues”.  I can see the humor being attempted here, but it wasn’t really working for me and there are other avenues for humor that could have worked better, though this is purely personal preference.

The main thing that drew me to the concept of this series was the Holidaze bar itself, and we got way too little of it in this issue.  If I had one thing to change I’d say that Dellecese should have eliminated ALL of the psychiatrist scenes and replaced them with Drac in the bar talking about his troubles with the personifications of the other holidays instead.  It could have been the same basic ground covered with his headless shrink, but altered to riff off the perspectives of the other mythic figures.  THAT is what I want to see in this series.

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