Rocket Queen & The Wrench #1 (Big&Tall Tales)


Rating: 4/5 – Fun take on armored heroes

Justin Peniston tells a nicely paced story in this 1st issue.  Staring with some action that introduces several of the main characters and their basic personalities before jumping forward a couple of years (some very bad years) and we’re now at the beginning of the real story that is driven by character more than mindless action.  What we’re treated to here is the story of a hero family of “techno heroes” and the toll that the heroic life can put on the underlying family unit.  It’s also looking like it will shape up to be a decent coming of age story mixed in with all that as well.

Ramanda Kamarga’s art has an animation feel that is very appropriate for this all-ages friendly story and he makes the armored suits worn by the heroes look cool.

I felt like you get more than your money’s worth in this 22 page issue for 99 cents.  This is the price point that “feels right” to me for digital books and I can recommend the purchase of this book with no reservations.  Keep in mind that this is a light-hearted story at it’s core, but it does get into some personal interactions among the members of the family that while not inappropriate for younger readers are certainly hallmarks of a story that is not written down to younger readers.  By not holding back on these story elements Peniston has moved his comic out of the “kids comic” category firmly into “all ages” because I could read it as an adult and thoroughly enjoy the story.

Future issues will benefit from the same mix of action (maybe skewed a bit more to the heroes interacting with their adversaries) along with the development of the people behind the heroes.

Reviewed by: Bob Bretall – Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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