Zoë: Out of Time (Amazon Digital)


Rating: 4/5 – Time travel to save Rock’n’Roll

I like time travel stories and have read a lot of them over the the years.  Zoë: Out of Time is so far fairly standard with a couple of twists that I really enjoyed.  Set in 2050, the main protagonist is a headstrong teenage girl, Zoë Black.  Always good to see stories with good female leads, J. Michaelski & Alexander Lagos do a nice job of writing Zoë who is obsessed with the teenaged lead singer of a rock group (Rebel Lions) who died sixty years previously.  Fortunately for Zoë, her Dad is a renowned physicist who just happens to have created a time travel device that allows her to accidentally travel back in time to 1990.

I’m willing to forgive the convenient plot device of having a Dad who created the time machine.  It’s got to come from somewhere in a story like this and it’s really immaterial if her Dad made it or she happened to stumble into a random lab that was testing a time machine.   We need to get the girl back in time & interacting with Trent Darrow.

This brings us to the second facet of the story I really liked.  We get a male lead who’s a charismatic teenaged rock star.  Trent seems to be sort of like Jim Morrison, but he’s 17 so he can have a romantic relationship with Zoë without it being a creepy older rock star hooking up with an under-aged fan.

The art by Derlis Santacruz is a really nice match for the story.  He’s an artist I’m unfamiliar with but does a really nice job on this issue.  Combine the art & story and we get a really nice 1st issue, marred only by the fact that it’s pretty much all set-up, with a fairly predictable 1st issue cliffhanger for this kind of story.    Michalski, Lagos, and Santacruz (with colors by Oren Kramek, who we’ve seen on a number of books from Big Dog Ink) have crafted a solid first issue here that will definitely have me coming back for #2.

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