Dead Future King #2 ([sic] monkie)

DFK 2 Cover
Rating: 4/5 – An interesting take on a zombie tale

Dead Future King tells the tale of King Arthur resurrected in the future after a zombie apocalypse centered in Britain. This issue continues his adventures and struggles with his destiny and role in a future far displaced from his own time.

The comic continues to have strong art that reflects a kind of hard-edged world of the apocalypse. The story, a blending of the zombie apocalypse and historical fantasy genres is interesting, although still in its early stages I’m excited about seeing where it continues to go. In this issue, Arthur, Merlin, and their mysterious acquaintance stumble upon a militarized compound full of seemingly loyal people to Arthur’s cause – but they may yet have more sinister motives.

This issue is good, with the dialog serving as its strong point, but it’s not quite as innately compelling as the first issue, although this in my opinion just due to the innate issues of telling a story in such small chunks as comics that some issues necessarily are somewhat less exciting than others to serve to make the whole story better.

If you’ve missed out on the first issue of this series, there’s still time to get in early, although I recommend picking up the first issue before taking on this one.

Reviewed by: Stephen Bretall – Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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