Grove Nymph #1 of 3 (Comixology – Fairie Folkways Comics)


Rating: 4/5 – Strong recommendation for this mythical tale

There is much in the comic book world that is comforting and familiar but it is so enjoyable when you stumble across something that you cannot easily file away into your existing notions.  A book can demand re-examination due to densely packing the material or by its very essence conveyed simply.  Grove Nymph #1, is of the latter variety with sole credits to Jecaro.

Mira, the Grove Nymph, is seeking some adventure so she leave Mara to nap and travels the Grove.  She rescues a pom sprite Papapom, who was out to rescue his kidnapped sisters.  Mira escorts him back to his family where she agrees to help rescue the sisters.  The mother of the Pom sprites equips her, then Mira and Papapom set out to find his sisters.

That plot synopsis is likely to fail to persuade many and the charms of this comic tell in its story telling.  Jecaro strikes a perfect tone as if we are finding some classic fairy tale that has been previously lost.  The dialogue is free from time specific references.  The nymphs are naked for the majority of the book, but it is fits the story and is devoid any sexuality.  These are nature spirits are great age who are dissimilar from humans.  While I would not suggest anything be changed, I am concerned that the nudity will prevent this comic from reaching as many people as it should.  The entire book is devoid of humans as well which adds to its distinctive feel.  The art provides just enough detail to keep them expressive but does not overwhelm the page.  This is also an instance where the color really adds to the book (and you know how much I love my black & white art).

I find the story lingers in my thoughts longer than many other comics.  I would be interested to hear from any others, but at 99 cents for this issue, if you are a comixology subscriber, you should be giving this comic a shot.  I think this will resonate strongly with the correct audience.

Reviewed by: Andrew Sanford – Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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