Kinski #1 (Monkeybrain Comics)


Rating: 4/5 – Boy Meets Dog, Boy Falls in Love, Boy Loses His Mind
Time traveling, reality altering epics, and universe spanning, intergalactic conflicts are all too common from The Big-Two (Marvel and DC). Let’s face it, comic books can get a little full of themselves sometimes. I often enjoy those comics, but I can also enjoy a little slice-of-life story like Kinski. This is the story of a young salesman named Joe, on one of those potentially boring business trips where nothing usually happens. Except this time, our protagonist finds an adorable black lab puppy whom he names Kinski. Joe wants to keep little Kinski but then real life gets in the way.

I bought this digital comic for one reason, the creator Gabriel Hardman. I knew the moment I saw the cover, that this was going to be something different from one of my favorite comic book artists. The cover is just the image of a huge cute puppy head staring back at you, as if to say, yeah, I’m cute. Mr. Hardman is more well know for his stellar artistic runs on The Hulk, Secret Avengers (Marvel), or more recently Star Wars Legacy (Dark Horse). I love those stories for their big in your face action, kinetic story telling, and killer splash pages. This black and white comic is something wholly different. It has a simple six panel grid format and smooth subtle line work. It’s obvious that the creator wanted to try something completely different with this comic and I respect that decision.

This is a very quirky and heart warming story like you might find in a movie on the IFC (Independent Film Channel). It also has enough little twist and turns to keep you quickly swiping to the next page on your tablet. I believe the creator was aiming for a quick read much like in a newspaper comic strip or more recently web comics. Comic book artists of earlier years have a long history of working in newspaper comic strips. Both Will Eisner and Jack Kirby worked in comic strips and comic books. Nowadays, you have the digital comic on a tablet as suitable substitute for the newspaper strip. I believe this is first time that Gabriel has written a comic by himself. He is currently co-writing Star Wars Legacy with his wife and writing partner Corinna Bechko. This comic is light on words with most of the story telling through facial expressions and body language of the “actors.” This comic has the added bonus of being only 99¢ from Monkeybrain Comics on the Comixology app, or website. I believe it will be a mini-series, but there isn’t info on how many issues. Now, I suggest you pick up your tablet, or laptop, and give this story a try.

Reviewed by: Ian Gowan – Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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